December…. Joy, Stress, or Time to reflect.


Time to reflect

Time to reflect

Here we are once more, the month of December. Creeping up on us like the bathroom scales when you accidentally ate that whole pizza. It’s a busy time around the world:

St. Nicholas Day (Celebrate the giving of gifts and kindness)

Christmas Day (Celebrate the birth of Jesus)

St. Stevens Day (created for servants to have a day off)

Hanukkah (Jewish festival of light)

Kwanzaa (African cultures to reconnect)

Festivus (Holidays for the rest of us)

Whether you are flying across the planet to be with family, helping those in need, working hard on finishing your assessments, kicking back and relaxing or stuffing yourself with pudding, we at Building Futures wish you all a happy, stress free magical time and hope you always land butter side up.