This workshop provides direct practical experience with the Montessori Materials and is open to Educators, Students and anyone who is interested in learning how to manipulate the Montessori Materials based on Dr Maria Montessori’s Philosophy.

This workshop will include opportunities to practice with the materials and to gain the practical knowledge to be able to present the materials in a Montessori Early Childhood Service.

The Materials covered in this workshop are as follows: Preliminary Exercises

Dry Pouring

Pouring large beans or rice from jug to jug

Wet pouring

Pouring water from jug to jug

Two or more containers

Pouring milk & water

Pouring through a funnel


Beans with a spoon

Water with a sponge

Water with a pipette

Water with a baster

Objects with tongs

Objects with tweezers

Opening & closing bottles & boxes

How to carry a jug/tray/bucket

Care of self/person

Putting on/off shoes

Cleaning polishing shoes

Dressing frame press zip

Dressing frame studs

Dressing frame Velcro

Dressing frame big/small button

Dressing frame Hook & eye

Dressing frame buckles

Dressing frame tying bows

Dressing frame lacing

Hand washing 0-3

Washing & drying hands (3-6)

Blowing/ wiping nose

Face washing


Walking on the line

Silence game

Upcoming Workshops

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