How do I access my assessment?

A. Each student accesses their assessment via their personal login to the Canvas site

How do I submit an assessment?

A. On your canvas site you will see the button submit assessment.

What if I go on holiday and miss a class?

A. Each student must contact the trainer ahead of time to inform the trainer or admin that they will be absent.

What if I am sick?

A. Each student must contact their trainer via phone to inform them that they won’t be attending the class due to illness. A medical certificate must be uploaded to Job Ready for this day.

Are there any makeup classes?

A. There are no make up classes however the student is able to attend another campus for that class with permission from the administration.

What if my assessment is marked not competent?

A. If a question is not correct and you are marked not competent, the trainer will give you an opportunity to resubmit your assessment.

What if I cannot continue due to unforeseeable circumstances?

A. A cancellation form needs to be filled out on the BFE website and then your enrolment will be reviewed.

How do I know when my classes are?

A. Each student receives a copy of the calendar upon enrolment.

Each student has a timetable on their Canvas account with their classes on it.

Can I pay in instalments?

A. The module are charged pro rata.  A single module cost is $180. This cost must be paid prior to the class and uploading of the module.

What happens if I miss classes?

A. You can attend that class at another campus or wait until that class is offered again.

What happens if I do not hand in assessments?

A. Your course may be cancelled.

If you are a trainee/apprentice the non-progression process will begin

How do I enroll?

A. Fill out an enquiry form and the administrator will contact you to plan a time to enrol and induct you.

What are the start dates for the courses?

A. Our courses run continuously and students can start at any time throughout the year

Where do I get current information about the College?

A. You can follow us on facebook.

Montessori Courses

Montessori Courses

Montessori Courses