Vicki McKinnon has been involved in early childhood education for 22 years. She is a CEO of Building Futures Education Services.

Originally trained as a secondary teacher, Vicki taught in that sector for six years. She moved into early childhood when her own children began childcare. As an operator of high quality, sought after services, her understanding that the best outcomes for children are driven by the level of skill and the heart of educators led to the establishment of BFES in 2009.

Vicki believes that it is important that the educators have confidence in themselves, based on a solid knowledge base and established skills. Vicki has delivered and received education in schools, university and TAFE settings, as well as in-service experiences. As such, she is passionate about the opportunity for small group tutorial delivery to enhance learning experiences for students. The communication of passion, shared ideas and experiences, as well as vicarious experience from the tutor, leads to more vibrant, relevant and memorable learning. This has led to the primary delivery mode of the college being face-to-face group sessions.

As a Montessori-trained teacher, the importance of contextualising learning for the workplaces of the learners is high on the priority list. This ensures that learners are fully equipped for their current and future work opportunities.

Vicki McKinnon