Privacy Policy & Procedure

Building Futures Education provides training and assessment for vocational education, specialising in Early Childhood Education and Care and Montessori Education. Building Futures Education is dedicated to upholding privacy practices. Building Futures Education follows the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and / Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. These tools guide and govern our practices in relation to managing personal information.

Collection of personal information

  • Building Futures Education collects and retains the personal information of their learners. Building Futures Education will only collect the information of people with the individual’s consent. The content collected will be as required to administer nationally recognised training, student identification, and legal requirements as per ASQA and the State Training Authority requirements.
  • The information collected by Building Futures Education include; Students name, date of birth, gender, address, phone contact details, email, place of birth, nationality, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status, employment details, copies of photography identification, information regarding potential disabilities, previous study details, academic transcript/s or certificates, LLN information, and any other information pertaining to providing training and assessment to the learner.
  • Information is collected by the use of our forms, via our website, and any emails or other correspondence from the learner.
  • Learners are required to produce all information required to ensure we are able to meet ASQA and the State Training Authority requirements. Learners who do not wish for their information to be collected must contact the College Manager.
  • Information collected will be kept secure, particularly those of sensitive nature such as disclosed illnesses and disabilities, and LLN results.
  • Personal information will be needed to up to date, therefore learners are required to ensure their information is regularly updated. Learners are able to access their information to update via the Student Management System.

Use of information

1. Building Futures Education applies strict privacy practices with all learner personal information. Building Futures Education will collect, hold and use information in regard to:

  • Training and Assessment services
  • Information to access eligibility for traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Relevant State and Federal reporting requirements regarding the learners progress
  • Contact between the RTO, it’s employees and the learners.

2. Personal information will only be used and disclosed for the following:

  • Contacting the learner in regard to matters of the RTO
  • Providing and administering training and assessment to the learner
  • Providing information to ASQA, the Australian Government, and the relevant State Training Authority.
  • Providing information to AVETMISS and NCVER, and our Student Management System.
  • While complying with Federal and State legislation as required in our scope of operation.
  • In emergency and health related events.

Obligations and responsibilities

  • All staff will be trained to ensure they are fully aware of, and understand their obligations and responsibilities in relation to maintaining strict confidentiality under the Privacy Act (1988)
  • Team members will treat confidential information with care and sensitivity and only disclose the information to those who are authorised and have a need for the information. If information is required to be shared by law, team members will comply with this requirement.
  • When a team member ceases employment, all confidential information must be returned. It is expected that post-employment, confidential matters will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to another party.
  • If a team members member is found to have breached any confidentiality while employed with the RTO, they may be disciplined, and in some cases dismissed.
  • If a person is found to be in breach outside of employment with the RTO, legal action may be taken depending on the severity of the breach.

Storage of personal information

Building Futures Education take all reasonable security safeguards to ensure that your personal information is protected from unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure. We cannot take responsibility for the security of information transmitted over the internet as the internet is not always secure.