To establish and maintain a fair and equitable system to receive course fees and issue refunds to learners.


For Montessori individual fee for service learners, unless otherwise agreed upon, a maximum fee of $200 is payable upon acceptance of enrolment. Upon payment by the learner or client, Building Futures Education will: Issue a receipt for the amount paid. Keep the monies in a trust account with a recognised banking institution until such time as they are due to Building Futures Education.

Enrolment fees, where the client is a company, will be invoiced no later than the start date of the course date unless alternate arrangements are made. Enrolments within thirty (30) days from the date of course commencement will be invoiced with a due date of course commencement.

Statements shall be issued monthly to each learner with outstanding accounts. Invoices shall also be rendered to learners for textbooks and reference books supplied where the costs of such books are not included in the course fees (where applicable). Statements will be issued monthly for any outstanding accounts.

Receipts will be issued only upon request unless payment is from a learner. All requests for refunds will be acted upon within 14 days in accordance with the Refund Policy.

Learners who receive one or more eligible Commonwealth benefits or allowances at the time of their enrolment may require additional considerations for refunds. These include learners who are applicable for any State User Choice contracts for Traineeships and Apprenticeships, Certificate 3 Guarantee (QLD) and Higher Level Skills (QLD).

Cancellation / Refunds

An application for refund of course fees under any other circumstance must be made in writing to Building Futures Education. A Request for Refund Form is made available to learners seeking a refund.

Where Building Futures Education has made a decision to refund a learner tuition fees, we will pay the amount of refund within 4 weeks after the decision and advise the person in writing. Where an enrolment fee has been applied to a course, the learner will not receive this amount back.

Decisions relating to the request for refund will be made upon reasonable grounds by the RTO, reasonable grounds does not include: Non-attendance (when no written notice has been given to the RTO), non-participations, learner not meeting task assessment deadlines, commitments, etc.

The RTO reserves the right to decide on a case by case basis the merits of a refund once a learner has commenced study.

The application of this policy is at the discretion of the RTO at all times. Building Futures Education’ dispute resolution process will apply if there are any issues.

All requests for refunds will be acted upon within 14 days.

Building Futures Education provides a 21-day cooling off period.