Cancellation / Refunds

Building Futures Education offers a fair and equitable refund policy that complies with all legislative requirements and User Choice 2021-2024 policy – (2.6.6 Refunds).

Course fees will only be refunded to the learner in limited and extenuating

circumstances as listed below:

  • Building Futures Education cancels or discontinues a course (e.g in the event of the closure of the college, or if the course is being discontinued or superseded)
  • As per the cooling off period of 21 days.
  • Learner withdraws from a course due to serious illness – a medical certificate is required
  • for circumstances that are out of the learner’s control whereby the learner would not be able to proceed in successfully completing the course.

If the learner fails to commence the course or withdraws for any other reason other than the reasons listed above, any fees paid will be forfeited.

Refund applications, which are available on request, are to be submitted to the College Manager and will be granted at their discretion. Where Building Futures Education has decided to refund a learner’s tuition fees, we will pay the amount of refund within 4 weeks after the decision and advise the person in writing. Where an enrolment fee has been applied to a course, the learner will not receive this amount back.

Learners who have left the course without a valid medical reason and a doctor’s certificate will be liable for the remainder of their course fees.